Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The reason why they made a skateboard is because you know they surfers when they surf when the ocean floor was street the people was thinking why don't we build something that we should practice even when there were no waves. so the guy named Larry Stevenson wanted to do something about it so he said to the people "i will invent some thing called skateboard" and so they were waiting for it for days and so when he was ready his first skateboard was this and then it got famous some people started making like very huge ones and so it kinda look like a surfing board and now what people do is now do tricks like Ollie my name and some other stuff but i'm really happy that the people got to do tricks and got to color it and so i have a skateboard what i do is first i learned how to do the Ollie and now i'm painted it green because it's my favorite color and i still think that skateboarding is a good time to practice any thing and also it makes you wanna have other talents.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New friends new school

new friends new school

I had always thought of my friends from sixth grade i thought i would never get friends any more but i was wrong when i went to my new school  "newton middle school" I thought because short they would make fun of me some of them did but most of them did not it normal no body is perfect so Im l. SO i met Sebastian, Gabe, and also Aiden. Sebastian, hes funny, cool, and also you-tuber. Gabe, funny, good friend, and also the best. Aiden, nice, cool, and also the best. these people are the people how always here to help when lm in danger or if i don't know any thing so they are the best. Also, This is seventh grade My new friends Noah, Gabe, Andy, Sebastian, And also Peter

Monday, October 12, 2015

Eyes on the goal

Eyes on the goal

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In the book it talks about how these people in middle school, Isaac, Gig, Diego, and also Jackson. All of them were waiting to go to soccer camp but than Gig than says that he does not want to go to soccer camp. And Every body got mad because they made a deal and deal is a deal Diego said. Than when it was the to go gig told them he was coming to soccer camp because  his parents already sighed him in and he doesn't want he parents money to go for wast.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

!!!!!!WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!

DEAR: Ladies and gentlemen                                                                                             

    My and my friends where waiting for 11 weeks until we saw land "STOP THE BOAT" said the captain 
 the captain was Adisa she was happy that we saw land until we thought to go back to Spain to break the news. so then we stayed at the island to look for gold but we did not find same. so then the crew was eting mad becouse that the

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How our crew was not lessening to the captain

December 17,2014
How our crew was not lessening to the captain 

 one day morning when im  at the ocean with my friends again we where seeing our crew was getting mad at the captain. but we where leaning   to the captain but then  captain was mad too because the crew are gonna quiet.
 but the captain thought what could he do for the crew so then he invited me and my friends inside his room so then he was talking about what he could do to make the crew to trust him he thought and so then he did not sleep all day but he got an idea WE COULD GIVE THEM SAME MONEY he shouted. so then when he saw the crew he given them like five dollars but the crew said we where working all day for you but you still don't trust him at sea.
 the crew was not doing a lot of work because they don't trust the captain  at this moment so then the captain screamed WORK RIGHT KNOW he screamed but the crew got surprised OK OK captain. so then when they work they where not happy about how he treated the crew so then i came with my friends and the captain said what is  your guys name, my name is Ali and the other one is Adisa and the other one is Jennifer and the last one is Aleysha.
 so the crew forgot to go check the food on the ship EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW said the captain with a surprise in his face like this 0-: so the crew was running and hiding from the captain because they think that he is going to scream or beat them or throw them in the water. so then they have nothing to eat and my and my friends where hungry for days with out food for as. so then the captain  was cleaning the food.

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How do I learn best

How do I Learn best
I think that What I could do s to do as best as i can to read better that play video games. And i will try to confuse the video games to like learning better then playing sports,video games, and lie. and know it is my chance to be better at doing homework, lessening and read every day. and lesson to darictons to a teacher that she is doing. and when i learn i could when they are reading it came in my mind and it gets a picture in my mind. and the best thing I learn is to lesson to the teacher.