Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How our crew was not lessening to the captain

December 17,2014
How our crew was not lessening to the captain 

 one day morning when im  at the ocean with my friends again we where seeing our crew was getting mad at the captain. but we where leaning   to the captain but then  captain was mad too because the crew are gonna quiet.
 but the captain thought what could he do for the crew so then he invited me and my friends inside his room so then he was talking about what he could do to make the crew to trust him he thought and so then he did not sleep all day but he got an idea WE COULD GIVE THEM SAME MONEY he shouted. so then when he saw the crew he given them like five dollars but the crew said we where working all day for you but you still don't trust him at sea.
 the crew was not doing a lot of work because they don't trust the captain  at this moment so then the captain screamed WORK RIGHT KNOW he screamed but the crew got surprised OK OK captain. so then when they work they where not happy about how he treated the crew so then i came with my friends and the captain said what is  your guys name, my name is Ali and the other one is Adisa and the other one is Jennifer and the last one is Aleysha.
 so the crew forgot to go check the food on the ship EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW said the captain with a surprise in his face like this 0-: so the crew was running and hiding from the captain because they think that he is going to scream or beat them or throw them in the water. so then they have nothing to eat and my and my friends where hungry for days with out food for as. so then the captain  was cleaning the food.

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How do I learn best

How do I Learn best
I think that What I could do s to do as best as i can to read better that play video games. And i will try to confuse the video games to like learning better then playing sports,video games, and lie. and know it is my chance to be better at doing homework, lessening and read every day. and lesson to darictons to a teacher that she is doing. and when i learn i could when they are reading it came in my mind and it gets a picture in my mind. and the best thing I learn is to lesson to the teacher.

Monday, December 15, 2014



One day morning i went to the ship to get it ready to sail. My team Adisa,Alysha and Janifer where ready to sail. when we wher sailing we where five weeks at the sea my and my friends where getting sea sick but then after a minute they throw up in my. "WE ARE READDY TO TURN SAIL RIGHT CREW!!" YA CAP-TEN!! we said we where now almost at the six week .    

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The time I came back to live

The dream to explore
The good readers use every thing that they can to be a better blogger.
           One day morning I woke up dreaming sealing to a country to explore to a country to our.

 My family said "go to the king and queen Isabella and say that you could sail in a country to explore"

 One day morning i went to Spain to Say to the King and queen Isabella  that I could wonder if i Could sail for your country.They said not so I turned around so then The queen said "STOP".

I turned around To face the King and queen Isabella She made a deal with me and I said OK.

 So on a year of 1495 in the month of June I went to the ship the ship was poor and the crew is poor but the supplies are rich and the maps too.

I went traveling days but no Island yet we waited two month So same of our men are dizzy so then we saw a island.

 My and my crew and screaming "OW GOD WE ARE ALIVE" so then we ran and bringing The christian cross we dig a hool  and we put it on.

 it is our land we screed and the Indians came out of no where and they specked a language that we never heard of it.

so then I thought it was Asia,china,India. so then i let same of the crew be in the island and sailed back.

The king and queen Isabella. so then she was happy that My and the other crew was 7 boats I was happy.

 So then when i sailed back with my crew but the But my old crew was GONE  I searched every where for them.

 I thought that came people are in our land I quickly picked my gun and hold it and if same thing

 came will shout it. so then the queen Isabella and king was mad because haft of our troop are gone.

so then they took my to jail because i did not lesson what i sop-post to so then i started like a year.I

 remembered that it could not be just the sailing maybe the native american are there so then there

 is a war between Spain and native Americans so then the king and queen Isabella wasn't sure what to do.

 so then I was thinking how did the native Americans came in our land people was thinking and thinking.

so when i got out of jail i gotta go to our island and bring more soldiers but the people was mad because that 
they have to fight and sail same Spain soldiers was mad that they was gonna  quiet.

 but the people in Spain know its that there was 30 in the island but then it was gone one of the soldiers said

 "I want to find same gold to be they went different ways to find gold they where UN responsible they

 whispering   to a guy andother. but then i left with same soldiers one person helped me scaring the soldier
so then i got back from the scary island to Spain to say that we funded same gold so the king and queen of 

Spain where suspicious. so then the binged  20 ships just to find same gold so the same people where dieing

 because small boys where at sea. and same of them where dieing  at sea because they never tried it at sea

 when they die they throw them at the bottom of the ocean.and so then my crew did not want to lesson to my 

so then same of them fall dawn the ship because they where not  leasing.

dear king and queen Isabelle,
i tried to find same gold but things are not so good after all this because the crew are trying to quiet and we don't have time to find any thing same are diening in the ship but we will try stay another day there and see if it  is working good 
there at the scary island
from captain 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Peal Harber

Dear Ladies and Gentleman

I just finished the book ''I survived the bombing of Peal Harbor,1941. So it start with  a boy named Danny he used to live in New York but his mom moved him to Hawaii because she want to keep him safe. One day Danny went back to New York Harbor  because he is not afraid of anything. He was shocked to see that there was airplanes in the sky's shooting bombs pound the harbor but for the first time ever Danny becomes afraid of everything and anything.

I liked this story because it talks about how the Japaneses attack The usa history and how important to me and everybody in the world history books is an interesting.

I recommend this book that everyone reads it. Also  fifth grade students. Also you!

I hope you read it soon!
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

earthquakkkkkkkes and volcanoes

dear:ladies and Gentlemen
Earth Quakes
i want you to know about earthquakes because it is important because it destroy houses  and also  tectonic plate made the earth quake  because wine the earth brake and it will be fault line the earth quakes.i know that the earth quakes destroy and then often the damage the houses burning and also the people were building that are hall and strong and they are doing this for safety.Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. When two blocks of rock or two plates are rubbing against each other, they stick a little. They don't just slide smoothly; the rocks catch on each other. The rocks are still pushing against each other, but not moving. After a while, the rocks break because of all the pressure that's built up. When the rocks break, the earthquake occurs.

earthquake of you know the answer comment me!!!!

                                       1.what causes earthquake?:its the tectonic plates?:

                            to earthquakes change the surface of the earth?:

                                       3.describe the damage couched by earth quakes?:

                           4.why is it important for people to learn more about earthquakes?:

                                        5.where are earthquakes most likely to occur?

                                are tsunamis related to earthquakes?


volcano is a came thing that has magma inside it. Also the volcanoes are very dangerous.A volcano is a vent or chimney which transfers molten rock known as magma from depth to the Earth's surface. Magma erupting from a volcano is called lava and is the material which builds up the cone surrounding the vent.
A volcano is active if it is erupting lava, releasing gas or generates seismic activity. A volcano is dormant if it has not erupted for a long time but could erupt again in the future. Once a volcano has been dormant for more than 10 000 years, it is termed extinct.
The explosiveness of a volcanic eruption depends on how easily magma can flow and the amount of gas trapped within the magma. Large amounts of water and carbon dioxide are dissolved in magma causing it to behave in a similar way to gas expanding in fizzy drinks, which forms bubbles and escapes after opening.
As magma rises quickly through the Earth's crust, gas bubbles form and expand up to 1000 times their original size.
Volcanoes can be different in appearance with some featuring perfect cone shapes while others are deep depressions filled with water. The form of a volcano provides a clue to the type and size of its eruption which is controlled by the characteristics and composition of magma. The size, style and frequency of eruptions can differ greatly but all these elements correlated to the shape of a volcano. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Learning about braiiiiiiis and your nervous system

Ladies and Gentlemen,about brainsbrain is important because it helps you to move your body and also it helps you to be smarter.  Also the brain learns so many things so if you are listening the brain will give you all his answer same times your brain do same thing by it self like wine you throw same thing that is dangerous.  Also with out your brain you cant move, touch, feel. The brain is the command center of your entire body. The brain is the body's main information center. It is made of billions of neurons. The brain helps the body respond to the information it receives from the senses. The brain also processes thoughts. When you think, neurons in your brain are working.     The brain has three main parts. The largest is the cerebrum, which controls vision, touch, and other senses. It also handles movements you have control over. Thinking takes place in the cerebrum. The cerebellum is another section of the brain. The cerebellum helps control balance and coordination. Another part of the brain is called the brain stem. The brain stem is the link to the spinal cord and it also controls digestion, breathing, and heartbeat.
Nervous system

Nervous system is important because with out the nervous system you cant taste,fell,here or see.Also wine you eat a rice the nervous system sent to the brain that you are eating and then the brain tells you you are eating rice.Also the service system say to the brain that you want to cry so then wine the brain gets the massage from the nervous system and then the brain lets you to cry.Nervous System This information will help you find out why the nervous system is the control and communication system of the body.The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs, and all of the nerves that connect these organs with the rest of the body. Together, these organs are responsible for the control of the body and communication among its parts. The brain and spinal cord form the control center known as the central nervous system (CNS), where information is evaluated and decisions made. The sensory nerves and sense organs of the peripheral nervous system.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Mixture is same thing that is sap orated between the chex-mix and a candy and they are different 
shape and the chex-mix are brown and the candy has deterrent  kind of color and also it is mixture.A mixture is a substance made by combining two or more different materials in such a way that no chemical reaction occurs. A mixture can usually be separated back into its original components. Some examples of mixtures are a tossed salad, salt water and a mixed bag of M&M's candy.
In Chemistry, a mixture is a material system made up of two or more difference       substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. A mixture refers to the physical combination of two or more substances on which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of solutions, suspensions, and colloids. mixture is a material system made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. A mixture refers to the physical combination of two or more substances on which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of solutions, suspensions, and colloids.
Mixtures are the one product of a mechanical blending or mixing of chemical substances like elements and compounds, without chemical bonding or other chemical change, so that each ingredient substance retains its own chemical properties and makeup.[1] Despite that there are no chemical changes to its constituents, the physical properties of a mixture, such as its melting point, may differ from those of the components. Some mixtures can be separated into their components by physical (mechanical or thermal) means.Azeotropes are one kind of mixture that usually pose considerable difficulties regarding the separation processes required to obtain their constituents (physical or chemical processes or, even a blend of them).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My amazing circle map

Ladies and Gentlemen,I wish you guys will have fun in my circle map.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. i really want you to learn same thing in my blog. I wish that you have a good time reading my blog!!!!!!!(-: I'm really glad that you guys would see mine every day thank you.