Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How our crew was not lessening to the captain

December 17,2014
How our crew was not lessening to the captain 

 one day morning when im  at the ocean with my friends again we where seeing our crew was getting mad at the captain. but we where leaning   to the captain but then  captain was mad too because the crew are gonna quiet.
 but the captain thought what could he do for the crew so then he invited me and my friends inside his room so then he was talking about what he could do to make the crew to trust him he thought and so then he did not sleep all day but he got an idea WE COULD GIVE THEM SAME MONEY he shouted. so then when he saw the crew he given them like five dollars but the crew said we where working all day for you but you still don't trust him at sea.
 the crew was not doing a lot of work because they don't trust the captain  at this moment so then the captain screamed WORK RIGHT KNOW he screamed but the crew got surprised OK OK captain. so then when they work they where not happy about how he treated the crew so then i came with my friends and the captain said what is  your guys name, my name is Ali and the other one is Adisa and the other one is Jennifer and the last one is Aleysha.
 so the crew forgot to go check the food on the ship EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW said the captain with a surprise in his face like this 0-: so the crew was running and hiding from the captain because they think that he is going to scream or beat them or throw them in the water. so then they have nothing to eat and my and my friends where hungry for days with out food for as. so then the captain  was cleaning the food.

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  1. Cool Ali. Keep up the good work. You're writing is awesome.


  2. Ali, nice job. Good job on elaborating. I think that you typed a nice story. Amazing job.