Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The reason why they made a skateboard is because you know they surfers when they surf when the ocean floor was street the people was thinking why don't we build something that we should practice even when there were no waves. so the guy named Larry Stevenson wanted to do something about it so he said to the people "i will invent some thing called skateboard" and so they were waiting for it for days and so when he was ready his first skateboard was this and then it got famous some people started making like very huge ones and so it kinda look like a surfing board and now what people do is now do tricks like Ollie my name and some other stuff but i'm really happy that the people got to do tricks and got to color it and so i have a skateboard what i do is first i learned how to do the Ollie and now i'm painted it green because it's my favorite color and i still think that skateboarding is a good time to practice any thing and also it makes you wanna have other talents.

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